FFP: It's official... SUCCESS!

So, I've been doing the FFP for 11 days now. Two Monday's ago is when I started. It was a tough diet at first, but once I got the hang of it and the routine, it really wasn't so bad. I found things that I actually liked to eat... the strawberry and blueberry smoothies I never minded.... the turkey meatloaf is my fave...and the salsa is damn good too. I even....gasp, shock.... developed a taste for the Flaxseed Oil salad dressing (after adding double the lemon juice to it). So a chicken salad with the dressing was actually pretty good.

Now I know there's no way I can continue to eat like this forever... I miss certain foods that I have to have. But I have definitely become aware of how much healthier I feel, and I plan to continue to eat healthier and make better decisions about my food (I sound like a infomercial).

So, as I explained before, this weekend I'll be doing the Charleston Bridge Run (Walk), and we're all drinking some beers afterwards (I know, oxy moron). So I have decided to officially end my diet tomorrow at lunch time. With that in mind, I decided to weigh myself this morning to see how much weight I've lost. I didn't expect more than five pounds and would have been thrilled with eight. So I took a deep breath and stepped on my little digital Target scale....... I HAD LOST 10 POUNDS!! Ten pounds in only 11 days. :) So I actually weigh the same as I did my sophomore year in college. WHAT??!!? I don't feel like I look thinner outright, but I think I've lost weight in my face, my waist, and my legs. And I think a lot of it was water weight and such. So... ten pounds lighter, and boy does it feel good. And I'm hoping a few more fall off today and tomorrow...and next week.

I've never had to worry about my weight before, so it was definitely hard for me to concentrate on it and be so aware of it. And now that I've lost weight, I definitely want to keep it up and maintain what I've lost. So I plan on doing the FFP next week until Alahambra next Saturday (bathing suit time) and then doing the entire FFP two week detox every other month or something to that effect. I also plan to continue to eat some FFP foods and recipes (salsa!) when I can.

So what about Meredith? How is she doing? Well, I emailed her today and she's lost 9 pounds!! But remember, this is the second time she's done the diet in six months. So, total with both diets, she's lost 24 pounds!!! I want to lose more now too...and it's kind of sad in a way that now I'm actually aware of my weight and the difference it makes...because now I'll always be aware and always worry about it. I was conscious of my weight before, but I ate whatever I wanted and never really thought about it.... and I never gained weight until recently. So now that I know I can control my weight, I will probably think about it more....which sucks. And I'm not looking forward to when some of the weight comes back on and I'll obsess about it... I know I will. I got a new pair of cute shorts from Old Navy this week, and they are a size 4! I can sometimes wear size 4's, but usually wear size 6 because I like my clothes loose and on my hips. Well now, a size 4 is loose and on my hips. It's a good feeling, but at the same time I dread the day when those size 4's get tight again.

But maybe.... just maybe... I have the will power and will be able to maintain this weight. After all, Meredith didn't change much of her lifestyle after she did the diet the first time, and she only gained back three pounds.

I hope I don't get obsessed with this. I just keep thinking to myself, "What if I could lose five more? What if I could just lose a few more pounds?" Shouldn't I be ecstatic and thrilled that I lost way more than I thought?? That I lost ten pounds?

So anyways, let's hope the bridge run doesn't get rained out tomorrow... there's nothing more miserable than running across a metal bridge in the middle of a thunderstorm...lol.

Off topic: Spring is here! Everything in my yard is blooming... check out pics of my dogwood tree and my azalea bush in my back yard. Yes, I need to trim the azalea bush down...that's a good Bradley job. :) Notice my tiger paw ornament in my tree... it spins!