I'm a Leo... it's undeniable.

So.. I got this email from my friend Ashley that listed out all the astrological signs and a description of the people who have that sign -- I usually take the Zodiac stuff with a grain of salt, but... the Leo description was pretty dead on. I don't know about the 'attractive' part, but everything else is really dead on -- see 'bossy'.

Here it is:

LEO - The Boss (July 23 - Aug 22)
Very organized. Need order in their lives - like being in control. Like boundaries. Tend to take over everything. Bossy. Like to help Others. Social and outgoing. Extroverted. Generous, warm-hearted. Sensitive. Creative energy. Full of themselves. Loving. Doing the right thing is important to Leos. Attractive.



The view from my hotel at the Intranet Week Conference in Boston last year:

The view from my hotel this year at the Intranet Week Conference in Boston:

Life is good....


Mini-Mom Mini-car in Charleston


I think my sister is the only one who reads my blog.

She's the only one who ever comments...

Zooville: The tent community in Columbia

Bradley and I went to the river rocks by the zoo one day and actually saw the beginnings of this forming -- and we only stayed about an hour, it's not a loving feeling being around these people when you're just a random person visiting the river. I wonder if these nature lovers are the ones that broke into Audrey's friend's car and stole all of their purses when they were out there. Glad they are cleaning this up -- but it sounds like it would make for a good documentary for HBO or Nightline.

Enjoy the read: http://www.thestate.com/local/story/465774.html


How Fat Is Your State? Breakdown of State Obesity Percentages

Below is a list of how each state ranks in adult obesity prevalence, along with the percentage of obese adults. The breakdown is based upon a Centers for Disease Control report.

1. Mississippi: 32%
2. Alabama: 30.3%
3. Tennessee: 30.1%
4. Louisiana: 29.8%
5. Arkansas: 28.7%
6. West Virginia: 29.5%
7. South Carolina: 28.4%
8. Georgia: 28.2%
9. Oklahoma and Texas: 28.1%
10. North Carolina: 28%

So evidently, I grew up in the second fattest state -- and now I'm living in the 7th. But this is funny because growing up we used to always joke, "Do you know what Alabama's state motto is? -------- At least we're not Mississippi!!" And it was because we were always second behind Mississippi on every type of list -- dumbest state, etc. So I guess this list is no exception too.. LOL!

To see the rest of the list, go to Foxnews.com.


Ha ha -- I'm allowed to get a nice little laugh out of this. :) Awww, poor Minnesotans...looks like the 'cheating' trait is a common trait up there.

Packers claim Vikings tampered with Favre, report

LOS ANGELES (AFP) — The Green Bay Packers have filed tampering charges against the Minnesota Vikings with the National Football League, according to a report by FoxSports.com.

The Vikings were informed last week that the Packers allege Brett Favre has had inappropriate conversations with Minnesota offensive co-ordinator Darrell Bevell, a close friend of the quarterback and former assistant coach with the Packers, according to the Wednesday report.

While the Vikings deny any wrongdoing, the Packers have supplied their version to the league.

Should Minnesota be found guilty of tampering, it could lose draft picks, face fines or both.

According to the report, a source says the NFL currently is gathering information.

Anheuser-Busch Company's Web Site(s)

Anheuser-Busch's Regular Web site.

The exact same Web site but with a green/community involvement twist.

Interesting idea. I wonder how much work that takes to update both sites.


"A taxpayer voting for Barack Obama is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.”



FFP for my Birthday

I'm thinking of doing the FFP again the first two weeks of August... slim me up for my birthday and the start of football season. I wonder if it will be easier this time around or harder... not sure.

I can start Saturday, August 2nd and finish Friday, August 15th in time for a weekend in Charleston. I'll be on the plan for Bradley's high school reunion in Barnwell, but I've resisted temptations the last time.


Angry with Fox and SYTYCD!

Ok, so evidently Fox is pulling off all the SYTYCD videos off of YouTube. Booo! That is so stupid... the best way to encourage fans of your show and create more viewers is to let social media promote your brand. Why take them off YouTube? It doesn't make sense to me. I guess to get more money from ads on their online version of the show. Too bad their Web site isn't even up to date with the most recent episode!

So, my video I posted of my favorite dance is 'no longer posted' on YouTube. And searching for SYTYCD in any form on YouTube only brings up other people's videos...not the show's dances. I missed Katie and Joshua's waltz on Wednesday because my power blinked... turning off my TV and my DVR...so the only way I can see it is on YouTube...and NO, I don't want to sit through Fox's ad ridden entire show on their Web site... what if I want to share my favorite dance with my friends?

Jack ass move Fox... stupid. People who fight YouTube remind me of the time when record companies fought so hard against downloading music. I think the best business model is to adapt to technology changes and trends... not fight them. Look where the record companies are now... learn a lesson big TV station company people!


Airline CEO's send email to customers.

So I got an email from Delta because I always fly Delta and that's where I have all my frequent flier miles. Well, I got an email today with subject line, "An Open Letter to All Airline Customers". I thought this was really bold on all these company's parts and I think in a good way... it's just interesting they all banded together for this cause. What do you think? Did you get this email/letter too?

Here's the letter:

Hello Ms. Season,

Our country is facing a possible sharp economic downturn because of skyrocketing oil and fuel prices, but by pulling together, we can all do something to help now.

For airlines, ultra-expensive fuel means thousands of lost jobs and severe reductions in air service to both large and small communities. To the broader economy, oil prices mean slower activity and widespread economic pain. This pain can be alleviated, and that is why we are taking the extraordinary step of writing this joint letter to our customers.

Since high oil prices are partly a response to normal market forces, the nation needs to focus on increased energy supplies and conservation. However, there is another side to this story because normal market forces are being dangerously amplified by poorly regulated market speculation.

Twenty years ago, 21 percent of oil contracts were purchased by speculators who trade oil on paper with no intention of ever taking delivery. Today, oil speculators purchase 66 percent of all oil futures contracts, and that reflects just the transactions that are known. Speculators buy up large amounts of oil and then sell it to each other again and again. A barrel of oil may trade 20-plus times before it is delivered and used; the price goes up with each trade and consumers pick up the final tab. Some market experts estimate that current prices reflect as much as $30 to $60 per barrel in unnecessary speculative costs.

Over seventy years ago, Congress established regulations to control excessive, largely unchecked market speculation and manipulation. However, over the past two decades, these regulatory limits have been weakened or removed. We believe that restoring and enforcing these limits, along with several other modest measures, will provide more disclosure, transparency and sound market oversight. Together, these reforms will help cool the over-heated oil market and permit the economy to prosper.

The nation needs to pull together to reform the oil markets and solve this growing problem.

We need your help. Get more information and contact Congress by visiting www.StopOilSpeculationNow.com.

Richard Anderson
Gerard J. Arpey

Richard Anderson
Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Gerard J. Arpey
Chairman, President and CEO
American Airlines, Inc.

Bill Ayer Dave Barger

Bill Ayer
Chairman, President and CEO
Alaska Airlines, Inc.

Dave Barger
JetBlue Airways Corporation

Mark B. Dunkerley Robert Fornaro

Mark B. Dunkerley
President and CEO
Hawaiian Airlines, Inc.

Robert Fornaro
Chairman, President and CEO
AirTran Airways

Timothy E. Hoeksema Lawrence W. Kellner

Timothy E. Hoeksema
Chairman, President and CEO
Midwest Airlines

Lawrence W. Kellner
Chairman and CEO
Continental Airlines, Inc.

Gary Kelly Douglas Parker

Gary Kelly
Chairman and CEO
Southwest Airlines Co.

Douglas Parker
Chairman and CEO
US Airways Group, Inc.

Douglas M. Steenland Glenn F. Tilton

Douglas M. Steenland
President and CEO
Northwest Airlines, Inc.

Glenn F. Tilton
Chairman, President and CEO
United Airlines, Inc.



Girl I dance with bitten by a shark!


Wow! She's lucky she didn't lose her foot!


Wally World's new logo... yuck!

Why I love Forever21.com

Here is a dress from my former favorite store (like five years ago), Delias. The price is $39.50.


Here is a dress, the same exact one -- but different color -- from Forever21.com. The price is $24.80. You do the math! :)


Funny Subway Experience

So, I just got back from getting lunch at Subway. We have a small Subway located at the bottom of our office building on Sumpter St. When I first started working at my job, I ate lunch at Subway every day... every day. I would get the same sandwich for about two months at a time, then switch to a different sandwich for the next two months. It became a running joke at work that I was always carrying a Subway bag when I came back from getting my lunch. I would be very wealthy now if I had collected money every time someone said, "Christy, you should own stock in Subway!". Hardee har har.

Anyways, at this time, there was a little oriental lady who worked the cash register who knew me by appearance and by sandwich because I came in every day. We would chit chat as I made my way through the line and I was her favorite customer -- or so I tell myself. One day she sadly told me she was being transferred to another store. I was sad to see her go. This was about two years ago.

Well, nowadays I frequent Subway rarely. I live close enough to work now that it's easy and convenient for me to swing home for lunch and eat for free, and healthier. However, some days I work through lunch and Subway is quick and easy as a lunch option. It's also probably one of the only cheap options around here that is somewhat healthy -- I avoid Chik-fil-A for lunch.

So...today... I went to Subway, and lo and behold guess who is back behind the register?! My oriental Subway friend. Not sure why she's back, but her first response to me was, "Oh hi.. you remember me?". Yes, I answer, and say it's been a long time...good to see you. Well as I'm fixing my drink and getting ready to leave she says to me, "You look very mature now..." "Really?" I say. "Oooh yes. You used to be so tiny, little thing... so young... now you look very mature. How old you?" "27" Ok, I'm not 27 yet, but I figure I might as well get used to saying it since it's happening regardless in a little over a month. "Oh yes, 27," she says, "You so mature now. No more little." "Ha ha," I say uncomfortably, "I hope that's a good thing...". "Ha ha," is all she manages to say.

So...I've decided based off of this that my newly found maturity over the past two years means:
A) I'm fat now... no longer tiny and little as she said, I'm now big -- aka fat, aka mature.
B) My age is showing... two years is apparently obvious on me now (bags under eyes, stresses of more work responsibilities, stresses of home ownership)
C) All of the above.
D) Perhaps mature is a good thing in this case...maybe I'm no longer a right out of college party girl, but a sophisticated working woman. Yuck.

P.S. A co-worker of mine looked up the fat grams of the Subway mini-pizza -- it's the same fat grams and calories as a Big Mac! Yup, I haven't had one since.

Happy July everyone!

Can you believe it's already July? I'm freaking out. Where does time go? I can't believe this year has flown by so fast. I'll be 27 in under two months! This is crazy.