How Fat Is Your State? Breakdown of State Obesity Percentages

Below is a list of how each state ranks in adult obesity prevalence, along with the percentage of obese adults. The breakdown is based upon a Centers for Disease Control report.

1. Mississippi: 32%
2. Alabama: 30.3%
3. Tennessee: 30.1%
4. Louisiana: 29.8%
5. Arkansas: 28.7%
6. West Virginia: 29.5%
7. South Carolina: 28.4%
8. Georgia: 28.2%
9. Oklahoma and Texas: 28.1%
10. North Carolina: 28%

So evidently, I grew up in the second fattest state -- and now I'm living in the 7th. But this is funny because growing up we used to always joke, "Do you know what Alabama's state motto is? -------- At least we're not Mississippi!!" And it was because we were always second behind Mississippi on every type of list -- dumbest state, etc. So I guess this list is no exception too.. LOL!

To see the rest of the list, go to Foxnews.com.

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cydoniaeon said...

No kidding? You are Bama native? Same here!
Second fattest...hahahaha.
Thought I would comment since Mr. Punch dropped me a line.