Angry with Fox and SYTYCD!

Ok, so evidently Fox is pulling off all the SYTYCD videos off of YouTube. Booo! That is so stupid... the best way to encourage fans of your show and create more viewers is to let social media promote your brand. Why take them off YouTube? It doesn't make sense to me. I guess to get more money from ads on their online version of the show. Too bad their Web site isn't even up to date with the most recent episode!

So, my video I posted of my favorite dance is 'no longer posted' on YouTube. And searching for SYTYCD in any form on YouTube only brings up other people's videos...not the show's dances. I missed Katie and Joshua's waltz on Wednesday because my power blinked... turning off my TV and my DVR...so the only way I can see it is on YouTube...and NO, I don't want to sit through Fox's ad ridden entire show on their Web site... what if I want to share my favorite dance with my friends?

Jack ass move Fox... stupid. People who fight YouTube remind me of the time when record companies fought so hard against downloading music. I think the best business model is to adapt to technology changes and trends... not fight them. Look where the record companies are now... learn a lesson big TV station company people!

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