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The Kite Runner
This movie was really surprisingly good. It featured a lot of subtitles, but usually by the middle of the movie I forget I'm reading subtitles. I thought this movie was done very well, and it was directed by the same director who did Finding Neverland, which is another great movie. The interesting thing is that the two main character boys were school children in Afghanistan, recruited by the movie. Prepare for some tears, but you'll feel better after the ending. Four and a half Christy stars. Bradley doesn't give it any stars even though he hasn't seen it because he doesn't like reading while watching a movie.

Sweeny Todd
Ok, so I went into this movie with an open mind...knowing it was a musical, but I love Johnny Depp's characters and I was expecting an Edward Scissorhands type of movie, so I was expecting to like it. I didn't. I've never been a big fan of movie-musicals, except for a few like Moulin Rouge, The Sound of Music, and some disney movies. But there's something wrong with a dark, sinister plot movie where the characters break out in cheery song. For example, it doesn't work for me when the character kills and bakes people and sings cheerily about it. The movie would have been really good if the singing musical part had been left out. I know it's orginially a musical, but I think making it a movie with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, it needs to stay a movie.... This movie gets 2 Christy stars.

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