Day 6 - 8: I want a cheese pizza and movie popcorn!!!

So, only four and a half more days. I'm ending a day early from this diet because well.. I'm doing the bridge run...walking the bridge run on Saturday morning, and then everyone is going to Red's after the race to drink beer and hang out.... so I'll be drinking. :) Oh, and Sunday... movie, I don't even care what movie it is... I just want POPCORN!!

So I'm enjoying my homemade salsa a lot, but I think I messed up my supplements at dinner tonight. I was eating dinner at my desk before heading to bowling....and I had packed my supplements you usually eat with dinner. Well, I noticed that two of the supplements (magnesium and L-carnitine) looked exactly identical and thought, "Hmm..that's odd... oh well" and took all three pills anyways. Well, I get home, and Magnesium is smaller than L-carnitine. So now I can't remember what the three pills looked like... magnesium or L-carnitine. So I either took the right dosage of magnesium and skipped my L-carnitine, or I overdosed on L-carnitine and missed my magnesium. So.... oops. Hopefully at this point, it won't make much of a difference.

I really wish I could get to bed earlier. I don't get enough sleep during the week, so I'm sure that's hindering my progress.

Tomorrow looks like another exciting day of turkey burgers and flaxseeds. Woo hoo. Although my sister just suggested a new recipe involving apples and cinnamon that sounds pretty good. Think I'll be trying that one out tomorrow... might be better than the salsa.


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