FFP - Day 4 - 5 -- Temptation tests passed with flying colors.

I don't have a whole lot to say about days four and five of this diet. I did learn not to freeze the smoothie overnight...because it never thaws out....even when you microwave it, even when it sits in your hot car all day.. it's still frozen.

I had two major tests the past two days that really tested my strength with this diet. Yesterday I ate lunch at this fast food type place (like a Zaxby's) with a friend... and it smelled so good, and my friend's salad looked so good. But I had pre-packed my little lunch: turkey burger w/ romaine lettuce, carrots and lettuce, cran-water. I was good. Today, some co-workers and I had a meeting in Gastonia, so on the way back to Columbia everyone wanted to stop for lunch. Guess where they all picked? Ruby freaking Tuesdays! Ok, so I used to get Ruby Tuesday's salad bar all the time when I lived in my apartment... to go... who gets salad bars to go? This girl. I even asked for Ruby Tuesday's gift cards for Christmas in 2006... and got them.... two of them... $50 a piece. They were gone in six months..... So as you can see, I was given the ultimate diet test today. Everyone around me had the mini burgers, with fries, AND the stupid salad bar. And at the restaurant, we're all crammed in this little booth, so there's no avoiding the sight and smells of the food. Grrr. So I go walking in with my bright turquoise lunch cooler.... pull out my wimpy little turkey burger, my sauteed in chicken broth onions and green peppers, my celery and carrots, and finally... my good ol' cran-water. I passed the test much to the amazement of my co-workers. I guess though, if you've tortured yourself for five days... why quit now?

So here I am passed day five. I don't feel like I've lost any weight, but my sister said that the first week you're getting your liver working back healthy again, and then the second week is when you lose your weight.

Not sure if I mentioned this in a previous post, but you also have a minor exercise routine you have to do every day with this diet. You have to walk for 20 min. and then do a rebound/jumping type exercise for 5 minutes.... so I just use my elliptical and do a slow pace for 20 min., then my jumping routine never fails to amuse me. It's an assortment of jumping jacks, boxer jogs, invisible jump rope type moves, and all out bunny hops and arms flailing. That'll do pig.

So this diet has officially ruined my social life... or at least for this weekend. Brandi and Jess -- headed to the Pub to see a band, wanna go Christy? Me -- can't. Co-workers -- Hey, big happy hour at Flying saucer, wanna go Christy? Me -- can't. How did I spend my Friday night? Went to two organic food stores and stocked up on vegetables I had to ask the store workers to help me find. Who knew that scallions is another word for green onions?? Apparently not me... So I come home and spend almost an hour chopping and mincing vegetables. The white onion chopping is always delightful because I literally chop it with my eyes closed because my eyes burn and tear so bad. My whole kitchen reeks of garlic and onions now. I mix all the veges (parsley, spinach, onions, garlic, and cayenne pepper) in a bowl with the ground turkey. Place ground turkey in small loaf pan, cover with organic, no-salt added tomato sauce. Bake for 30 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius....

Wait... Celsius? Yes, Celsius. Right before putting my Turkey Meatloaf into the oven, I suddenly realize that 200 degrees Fahrenheit is not the same as 200 degrees Celsius. Why does my FFP book say Celsius?? OH...Christy bought the European version of the book..... [insert Homer Simpson expression here]. Ok, well thank goodness for Google's converter.... and no wonder half the ingredients I had on my grocery list I didn't know what they were... because they are freakin' European slang! No wonder I couldn't find and gave up on finding the 'courgettes' that no one in the store knew what they were. A little googling later, and it's just a fancy smancy word for ZUCHINNI.

Well, at least this diet is teaching me the ins and outs of healthy eating...and teaching me that I definitely didn't eat healthy before because I have no idea what half of these healthy foods are. I did notice EarthFare has an awesome salad bar set up that I will have to check out after I get off this diet. Does anyone else think EarthFare smells like flaxseed oil? Eck! Who are these freaks of nature who live amongst us and spend double the amount of money to eat food that isn't really food? Food that has Chinese writing on the boxes and things like 'Brownie Mix! With no eggs, dairy, or butter!' Then what the hell is in it??

I also think that this diet is making me moody... but I also think that there are people at work who are really annoying lately and so diet or not I'd be moody. I won't go into detail because we hear on a daily basis how john doe blogged about work and now everyone's talking about it at work and he's brought into the boss's office for a talking to. Are people really that interested in their co-worker's lives? Ok, that sounded heartless... maybe the diet IS making me moody... whatever, bah humbug.

BTW: My sister is doing the diet also, at the same time I am. Again...she's doing it again. So we're talking to each other about it and sharing our pains. We talked about what our first meal would be after the diet... I'm not officially done deciding, but I'm thinking the following:
  • Movie theater popcorn -- with popcorn salt
  • Five Guys fries
  • Double cheeseburger from McDonalds
  • Snickers Blizzard from Dairy Queen
  • Bud Light and/or Diet Coke
Mmm...sounds delicious and super healthy, yes? I guess I'll be gaining back all of the weight I lose during this diet on the first day after my diet. :)

Wish me luck..laugh at my misery....Comment.

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Anonymous said...

I think the FFP is making you funny!