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Cartoons By Michael Ramirez; taken from IBDeditorials.


Anonymous said...

Interesting take on fearmongering propaganda.

Didn't Geo. Bush ramp up the federal budget?

Didn't Clinton balance it?

I'm more green libertarian than anything, but I have to speak out on subtle spins on reality, because I've noticed that Obama is embracing conservatives and their ideas, instead of shooting them down.

Does the power co. you work for encourage this kind of behavior? Is it good business? I've been reading your blog and I'm glad you're authentic about who you are, but the line is blurry between you, personally, and you, the employee.

Christy said...

I do not speak on behalf of my company on my blog. I only speak as me and everything on here is of course my opinion and my beliefs... I think that's pretty obvious actually. I think you're looking too hard to try and make my views my company's views, when it's blatant that's not the case at all.

I think working for a power company has opened up my mind to a lot about conservation and the economics surrounding energy and alt. energy. I'm a highly engaged employee because the company I work for is a great company and anyone who works there will say the same. It's hard not to get passionate about issues related to the energy business because I spend 40+ hours a week enveloped by it.

However, if you read ALL of my blog, instead of a random political cartoon I found amusing, you'd realize that I have been a conservative Republican my entire life...and my political views have NOTHING do no with what I do for a living. I listened to Rush Limbaugh when I was 10 if that tells you anything.

I appreciate the comment, but it's hard to respond to 'Anonymous'. Maybe next time you'll stand behind your comment and leave your real name so I know who I'm talking to.

Hope I've given you some insight and that line isn't so blurry for you anymore.

Rich said...


Sometimes it's difficult, but never let diatribe overshadow discussion. You have every right to publish anything you want a personal blog.

It's always unfortunate when some people attempt to bring in professional ties on personal blog, but that says a lot more about them then you.