With only 2 weeks left, I ordered my sign.

So, I just bought a "South Carolina for McCain" yard sign. I've been wary of having a sign before because honestly I was worried I'd be targeted somehow. I didn't want to worry about it getting stolen, and there's a lot of neighborhood roamers who are probably Obama supporters and who also have a habit of breaking into my neighbors houses -- I just didn't want to give them any reason to pick on me. However, lately I've noticed a few McCain signs popping up on my street and a few other houses close by -- so I want to conform and show my support. I even paid the extra $5 shipping to get it by Thursday, so I'll be showing my support for at least a week and a half. Here's the sign that will proudly be displayed in my yard:

Lately, when I go walking, I usually go across Rosewood to Shandon because it has sidewalks and it's a little more populated with other runners and walkers. Well most of the houses on that side have Obama signs. There's even a house with a sign hanging on a tree (I really need to go snap a picture) that says, "Jesus was also a community organizer". And the worst part is that they have a spotlight, like the kind you use to spotlight Christmas decorations, positioned in front of the tree shining on the sign. Are you kidding me? Just points out the fact that Obama's 'messiah' image is rampant. Can you imagine the media backlash if someone compared McCain to Christ? I think it's so sac religious. You can love Obama all you want, but don't compare him to Jesus please. So I almost bought this sign below..but I figured I already overspent on my McCain sign..wasn't worth it to get the other one for only two weeks. I'm actually thinking of printing it out on paper and sticking it in the person's mailbox.

Also, I almost bought even another sign. Changed my mind because again I got scared my house would get vandalized or broken into...but the message is so true..

And I actually wonder if I'll have to worry about my sign getting stolen... I actually saw a blog post by a local political blogger, Wesley Donehue that was pretty funny about signs getting stolen. Picture below is from his blog.

That's pretty funny! I don't know if I have the you know whats to do that...I need to go get a gun so I can cling to my religion and my gun. Right now I'm clinging to my religion and my mace and knives.

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