My 15 seconds of Internet fame...

So I was on Twitter earlier today, and noticed my followers had grown exponentially. "That's bizarre," I thought. I was hardly on Twitter yesterday because of meetings and happy hour -- and I don't like to Tweet when under the influence. Tried it once... bad idea.

Anyways, so I posted a Tweet musing about my recent influx of followers. After a while, I had gotten a few replies from my new followers with a link to this article from a PR blog:
"10 Twitter Users Who Deserve Attention"

Lo and behold... in between two PR experts and successful professionals... is little 'ol me.

Click image to view larger view.

I was blown away by this. I think I turned three shades of red when I first saw it. How can I possibly be in a top 10 list of people who deserve attention? And check out the others on the list... PR experts, started their own companies, run an independent radio station... They have upwards of 900 followers (compared to my 185) .

I can just imagine people reading this blog and clicking on my profile and saying to themselves, "Umm... " and quickly closing the browser. Lol...

Don't get me wrong though..I'm completely and overly honored and slightly amused that I was chosen. The author, Scott Hepburn (@ScottHepburn), is a follower of mine on Twitter and I follow him as well. I asked one day the value of using Twitter at a Power Company and offered some suggestions as well. It did generate some interesting conversations and some ideas that I have presented to my public affairs co-workers. I actually helped a customer (@cophotog) out on Twitter just this week and thought it was a great example of how Twitter can benefit customers and the companies who serve them.

So what now? I feel a little bit of pressure to try and live up to my selection...but I guess I was selected for being me -- so I should continue to just be me, right?

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