NxD album postponed! :( Boo!

So, I hate I had to read this on perezhilton.com, but No Doubt is postponing their new album -- which makes sense I guess considering that Gwen just had her second baby, but I can't help but still be disappointed and sad. :( For those of you who know me, I've been a huge fan of No Doubt since I was 15. Tragic Kingdom helped me get through high school, and you can still find my interpretation of Return of Saturn from 2000 if you Google my name. I've been to three of their concerts -- once driving five hours (from Clemson to Myrtle Beach) after taking an 8am final exam, to come back the next day and take another final exam. Another concert I dyed my hair hot pink for (yikes), and waited two hours after that concert to finally meet them. And most recently I was fifth row for Gwen's concert in Charlotte in which I held up a homemade sign, "I can't wait for No Doubt's new album". Gwen saw the sign, pointed and waved! (swoon) So, I'm sad that I will have to wait yet another year for No Doubt to come out with another album.

Perezhilton.com article.

No Doubt.

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