Thank you Dem controlled congress!

Government bails out AIG.

Sigh... so evidently bankruptcy doesn't exist anymore.. sooo, you can start a business, spend as much money and make as many dumb business decisions as you want -- and the government will bail you out as the expense of tax payers and the risk of billions of dollars.

Side note tangent: You think this is bad? What's different about 'bailing' people out of having no health care? Ready to open your wallets to pay for them also.

Glenn Beck and his cohort 'Stu' were hilarious this morning on their radio show talking about the AIG debacle. It was so funny -- I went to their site to get a clip to post, but of course you have to pay. So I emailed them and asked they post content for sharing via social media ...since everything online is so liberal right now. Anyways... Glenn and Stu went on and on about how excited they were (sarcasm of course) about the AIG purchase, how it was like buying a new house and they wanted to go celebrate, and not since they basically 'own' an insurance company they are just going to go and insure everything because they can. Stu wants to insure his dog for 1 million dollars, and not pay anything because he owns AIG now.. it's like owning the convenience store and just taking a Twinkie off the shelf -- because hey, you own the store, so you don't have to pay. Lol.. I can't even explain it obviously, but it was good stuff. I wish I could share it.

And this really annoys me: PerezHilton who I complained about earlier blogging about politics from a liberal spin non-stop posted a blog about AIG. And he's confused and upset with the deal -- wondering why tax payers have to saddle this. HELLO? Who do you think came up with the idea? And Nancy Pelosi wants to start another government 'agency' whose sole purpose is to go around and basically bail out other companies in the same situation. Can anyone say stock market crash?

Oh, and while we're on the topic of taxes -- one of Obama's biggest talking points with McCain is how McCain plans to lower corporate taxes and Obama plans to cut taxes for the average Joe and increase big corporate taxes. People, taxing big companies will effect you, the taxpayer -- because you work for these companies or you buy from these companies. If the power company I work for -- a large company -- gets heavy taxes, we have no choice but to increase rates which customers have to pay or cut jobs. Same thing goes for any company that offers a service -- If Best Buy has to pay huge taxes, prices on products go up because now they are paying more for the products from their suppliers (who were also taxed) and they need to maintain their profit margin to... duh... keep from laying off tons of workers and going in the hole -- another outcome of taxing huge companies. "Woo hoo I'm paying lower taxes, but now I was layed off from Company X because of their taxes and everything costs more." So how is that better?? Making it easier for companies to buy and sell stimulates the economy! It's basic economics... You might get lower taxes (if you're in a low income tax brackett mind you), but you will feel more pain if huge companies are suddenly faced with outrageous taxes... not to mention stronger regulations and fees. Arrgg. I feel like it just makes so much sense yet people don't get it... "Let's tax big bad companies! Hooray!" The effects would be felt across the entire economy - big business, small business, consumers. Hmm, but wait, if a company goes in the hole because of the increased taxes -- then Pelosi's agency will just bail them out, and you'll end up paying higher taxes anyways.

Ok... rant done.


Anonymous said...

Great rant... It's nice to see others care enough at this age to keep up with things like politics and the economy.

Curious since you work in the power industry, how do you feel about the nuclear renaissance that is coming. Too many people get freaked out bu the word "niclear" but it's really clean and safe.

Anonymous said...

It's not a democrat only thing...your "President" is doing it as well...

"WASHINGTON - The Bush administration is asking Congress to let the government buy $700 billion in bad mortgages as part of the largest financial bailout since the Great Depression.

The plan would give the government broad power to buy the bad debt of any U.S. financial institutions for the next two years. It also would raise the statutory limit on the national debt from $10.6 trillion to $11.3 trillion — making room for the massive rescue."


Christy said...


MSNBC? That outlet has no credibility at all anymore with Dems or Republicans... it's so biased it has the lowest media ratings of any news outlet. Using anything from that station or Web site for proof of an argument is a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

no argument here... it's a statement of fact. Bush asked congress for a $700 billion bailout plan.