Great description of VMA host from fellow blogger.

This exerpt is taken from the Palmetto Scoop blog:

"In the video above, you can see that musician Jordin Sparks is a great American for standing up to the low-life dirt ball that MTV dragged out of some humourless hole in England to bash America. Not only did this guy — whatever his name is — slander a 17-year-old for being pregnant, call the President of the United States “retarded,” and tell us to vote Democrat despite the fact that he’s not even an American, but apparently he also attacked “promise rings.” Because, God forbid people make a responsible pledge to abstain from sex until marriage. What a horrible thing. Maybe our British homeboy is just a little angry that, unlike those who pledge not to have sex, his abstinence is the result of looking like the unfortunate breeding of an alpaca and a chihuahua dressed in leftover 80s paraphernalia."

My thoughts exactly!

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