Biden's Gaffes Keep Piling Up

This is long, but if you have time, please read it. It's a transcript from a part of Rush Limbaugh's radio show from Tuesday, Sept. 23rd.

They play all of Biden's hilarious comments and why the rumor that Obama wants his own bail out from Biden has started.

Please read!

It's really interesting to me with all of this happening with Biden that you RARELY see on the news -- and yet the media continues to attack Sarah Palin and focus on her. Can you imagine how badly the media would attack Sarah Palin if she said half of the things Biden did?

And if the rumor does end up being true, and Biden drops out Oct. 5th as predicted -- I think that's super shady and should cause concern among voters. The only other time this happened was when McGovern in 1972 dropped his running mate because they found out he had Electroshock Therapy.

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