Ok, here's my update on the FFP.

Ok...so I haven't had much energy (FFP) over the past few days to even blog about my diet.. and maybe it's not a matter of energy, but just laziness. I have to be inspired sometimes -- motivated -- to post to my blog. So here's a new post, finally.

I started the FFP diet again this past Saturday. I recognized a two week window where I would have little to nothing going on, a break from ballet between summer and fall classes, and right before the start of football season (and my birthday!). So it was an opportunity for me to do this diet again without interruption. So I started this past Saturday, and will finish lunch time Friday, August 15th. I've gained back about five pounds since the last diet, so I was hoping to slim up and feel healthier once more.

The positives of going into this having already done it are that:
1) I know what to expect
2) I know what to buy
3) I know what foods I like to eat on the diet

It's been a little easier getting into the diet knowing the routine and having gone to Earthfare with a list that was actually correct this time. I even managed to save a little cash this time around since I had most of my supplements left from the last time I did the diet.

So getting into the diet was easy, but a little weird. It's funny how it's different in a way from my first experience with it. I remember last time being absolutely miserable the first three days -- weak, hungry, moody -- and then around the fourth day or so I was not great, but on the upswing, and then the second week I was fine, no problem. Well, this time around it's been a little different. The first three days were easy -- so easy in fact that I constantly checked the diet to make sure I was doing everything right. I bought a better brand of the flaxseed oil this time around, so the salad dressing is easier to eat. So I ate grilled chicken salads most of the first days, fruit, eggs... no problems. Felt fine, a little hungry, but overall ok.

My sister and her fiance are doing the FFP these same two weeks also -- it's funny because we didn't plan it that way, but it just happened. Meredith wrote on my Facebook Wall on her day 1 (Monday) that she was bleh. I write back to her, "I actually haven't had a hard time yet and I'm on day 3. I think it's easier this time around because I know what to expect and I know the schedule... but I keep checking the list to make sure I'm doing everything right... I feel like maybe I'm doing something wrong because I still feel ok... this might come back to bite me tomorrow." And guess what? It did.

Day four, Tuesday -- worst day ever. I had this horrible migrainish headache all day, coupled with hot sweats and nausea. I almost couldn't eat my meals because I felt so sick to my stomach. And then the cravings started yesterday.... Last time I craved pizza and popcorn. This time around it's the more sweet things I crave...such as chocolate chip cookies and cakes. I'm also craving McDonalds... yes, I know...but I really want a double cheeseburger and salty fries... and I miss my Garden Salsa Sun Chips.

Today has been better than yesterday, but still feeling a little nauseas and weak. The exercising is getting a little easier, so I can tell I'm on the upswing of the diet now -- picking up a little more energy. I use my elliptical for thirty minutes each day and then do jumping exercises for five minutes. I actually forgot that you really needed to take it 'easy' with the exercises and almost died on Monday. I for some stupid reason picked up my weights and went to town as usual on my elliptical... only to stumble off thirty minutes later, blacking out, panting, and had to lie on the floor for fifteen minutes before I could move. So now I take it easy on the elliptical -- pushing myself a little more each day as I gain back energy.

Today at work we had an off-site all day strategy meeting (just the title of it sounds thrilling doesn't it?). Well I was afraid that as usual we would have this elaborate, tasty lunch provided -- and I'd have to sit and watch everyone eat while I ate my celery and dry chicken. However, people were actually jealous of my food!! In order to cut costs (who isn't cutting costs these days?), they served box lunches that consisted of a bag of chips, a stale sandwich, and a brownie in plastic wrap -- brownies are not supposed to be in plastic wrap. I dined on grilled chicken dipped in my FF ketchup with celery dipped in homemade salsa -- not as good as say a Pizza which I'm not craving after seeing a commercial -- but better than stale sandwiches I guess.

I think I'll be fine getting through the diet this time around, but I'm definitely aware of how much time I have left to go. The two weeks flew by last time, but this time it's really dragging along... is it really only Wednesday? The analogy I can think of is -- Have you ever been working out, on an elliptical or a treadmill -- and you're so winded and you're like, surely I've been on this thing for almost thirty minutes -- and then you look down and it's only been five minutes!? Well, that's kind of how I feel with this diet -- it's only day 5 and I have until next Friday to go. I'm hoping next week as I start to gain more energy and the detox part is for the most part over, I won't have this "Oh geez, there's how many more days?" feeling.

Best purchase ever, btw, for FFP dieters and non-dieters alike: The mini-food processor!
I bought this for $20 at Target on Sunday and it has made chopping up and slicing things a breeze! I have saved so much time this time around using this thing. Loves it!

Things I don't like about this diet besides the food and my hunger:
1) My entire kitchen smells like onions - I only chopped half an onion, on like Saturday, and the smell lingers.
2) Paranoid Hallucinations - Ok, I know this sounds ridiculous, but this time around I'm seeing things. Sunday night I sat straight up in bed and swore I saw a small figure standing in my room; the other night I saw a face in the window by my door, and last night I heard noises all night outside my house. I'm a worrier by nature, so I think the lack of food has literally enhanced this. At least I'm not seeing giant double cheeseburgers looking in my window...
3) Explaining the diet over and over to people when they ask why you brought your own lunch to work, or why you can't have a donut in this meeting or that
4) Having to run my dishwasher every night.
5) My kitchen is a constant mess -- and if you know me, you know this drives me insane!

I'm sure there's more but I can't think of them right now. I really need to be getting to bed earlier -- I can change my eating habits for two weeks, but not my bedtime habits. Probably isn't helping the effects of the diet. I'm exhausted too, can barely keep my eyes open... but I still stay up. That's just my nature.

So tomorrow is Day 6 of the diet. I'm hoping it's just going to get easier and easier. I don't see how people can afford or want to eat this way all the time. One thing this diet has taught me is that I really enjoy tasting food. I don't eat emotionally so much as I just enjoy the taste of food when I eat. I just think organic food is so bland and it's just not for me. I don't mind the fruit or vegetables as much, but one can only eat turkey meatloaf for so long. I miss food.

P.S. Does anyone know why my tongue burns when I brush my teeth??

Crazy diet.

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Anonymous said...

Good news- even though i had a terrible detox the second time around, i haven't had any problems this time around. just the typical so far- lack of energy and craving food i can't have...

beat the bland food with minced garlic and cayenne pepper- but watch out for the cayenne!

whenever i have a sweet tooth, i either chew a piece of sugar free fruit flavored gum or peel an apple, cover it with stevia and cinnamon, bake it and then stir into applesauce. also tonight- danny and i are going to puree strawberries, stevia and water and then try to freeze it into popsicles :)