Funny Subway Experience

So, I just got back from getting lunch at Subway. We have a small Subway located at the bottom of our office building on Sumpter St. When I first started working at my job, I ate lunch at Subway every day... every day. I would get the same sandwich for about two months at a time, then switch to a different sandwich for the next two months. It became a running joke at work that I was always carrying a Subway bag when I came back from getting my lunch. I would be very wealthy now if I had collected money every time someone said, "Christy, you should own stock in Subway!". Hardee har har.

Anyways, at this time, there was a little oriental lady who worked the cash register who knew me by appearance and by sandwich because I came in every day. We would chit chat as I made my way through the line and I was her favorite customer -- or so I tell myself. One day she sadly told me she was being transferred to another store. I was sad to see her go. This was about two years ago.

Well, nowadays I frequent Subway rarely. I live close enough to work now that it's easy and convenient for me to swing home for lunch and eat for free, and healthier. However, some days I work through lunch and Subway is quick and easy as a lunch option. It's also probably one of the only cheap options around here that is somewhat healthy -- I avoid Chik-fil-A for lunch.

So...today... I went to Subway, and lo and behold guess who is back behind the register?! My oriental Subway friend. Not sure why she's back, but her first response to me was, "Oh hi.. you remember me?". Yes, I answer, and say it's been a long time...good to see you. Well as I'm fixing my drink and getting ready to leave she says to me, "You look very mature now..." "Really?" I say. "Oooh yes. You used to be so tiny, little thing... so young... now you look very mature. How old you?" "27" Ok, I'm not 27 yet, but I figure I might as well get used to saying it since it's happening regardless in a little over a month. "Oh yes, 27," she says, "You so mature now. No more little." "Ha ha," I say uncomfortably, "I hope that's a good thing...". "Ha ha," is all she manages to say.

So...I've decided based off of this that my newly found maturity over the past two years means:
A) I'm fat now... no longer tiny and little as she said, I'm now big -- aka fat, aka mature.
B) My age is showing... two years is apparently obvious on me now (bags under eyes, stresses of more work responsibilities, stresses of home ownership)
C) All of the above.
D) Perhaps mature is a good thing in this case...maybe I'm no longer a right out of college party girl, but a sophisticated working woman. Yuck.

P.S. A co-worker of mine looked up the fat grams of the Subway mini-pizza -- it's the same fat grams and calories as a Big Mac! Yup, I haven't had one since.


Beth said...

Christy -

I googled 'Fat Flush' diet looking for some info and experiences (I'm starting tomorrow!) and came across your blog. Read all the posts about the diet thing and then hopped back to present day.

Would you still recommend doing the Fat Flush thing? No bad side effects? No addiction to flaxseed oil?

Christy said...


I absolutely recommend the Fat Flush Plan for quick weight loss in a short time span. Of course the weight eventually comes back, but not the entire amount... and if you continue with Phase II or III of the plan, you will lose a TON of weight.. I only did Phase I, but have only gained back 5 pounds after going back to my normal eating habits.