FFP - Day 1 through 3 -- hanging in there....

So, I've made it through three days on the Fat Flush Plan. It hasn't been hard resisting foods, but I do have pretty bad cravings -- so far I'm seriously craving pizza, with lots of cheese -- and movie theater popcorn...with lots of salt. Despite the cravings, the only other side affects I'm experiencing is a little fatigue and weakness. It kind of feels like when you're super busy at work and you have no time to sit down and eat lunch, and so by the time you get home, you're starving, but you've gone so long without eating, that you don't really feel like eating... Or when you wake up on a Saturday morning after sleeping in till 1pm and you think, well, I might as well just wait till dinner to eat. It's kind of that feeling of not having eaten, but not bad enough where you have stomach pains.

The meals aren't bad. You eat enough all day that you're never really hungry...yet I can tell I'm starving myself, lol. I don't have a lot of time to prepare meals, so this is basically my meal routine every day:
  • As soon as I wake up - Cran-water with 1 tbspn of ground flaxseeds
  • While getting ready for work - Warm glass of water with half a lemon juice squeezed into it
  • Breakfast at work - 8oz cran-water; two hard boiled eggs OR strawberry protein smoothie; one a day for weight loss vitamin, evening primrose oil gel pill
  • Mid morning snack at my desk - one apple or one orange (I switch it up), 8 oz cran-water
  • Lunch - Carrots and Celery with flaxseed oil on top (eck!) OR sauteed oinions and green peppers in chicken broth (low sodium, no salt); Turkey burger OR Grilled chicken w/ garlic seasoning; 8 oz. cran-water
  • Afternoon snack at work - Two hard boiled eggs OR an apple or an orange; 16 oz. cran-water
  • Dinner - same thing as lunch; 8 oz cran-water; evening primrose oil gel pill; L-carnitine pill; Magnesium pills
  • Right before bed - Cran-water with 1 tbspn of ground flaxseeds
Sounds yummy doesn't it?? Don't be jealous. I actually don't mind the cran-water as much now, I've developed a taste for it. The ground flaxseed mixture in the morning and at night surprisingly doesn't bother me. I stir it up and drink it with a straw in like four big gulps (thank you alcohol chugging experience). Today was the first day I made turkey burgers (thank you George Foreman grill) with small bits of green peppers and onions in them. They were actually really good. So, as long as I don't get bored with the same meals every day, I should be fine. Surprisingly I haven't craved Diet Coke, Beer, or Cigarettes. Proving that I'm not a smoker, I am not an alcoholic, and I am not addicted to sodas like the rest of the world.

The hardest part of this diet for me is the flaxseed oil. My sister doesn't mind it, but it has this wood taste that is so gross. I almost gagged when I was eating it with lettuce on the first day. A co-worker suggest flaxseed gel pills... I looked in the book, and you have to take 18 flaxseed gel pills a day to equal the 2 tablespoons you're supposed to have each day. So I went and bought them, but what I've been doing is doing 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil as the real stuff -- putting it in my smoothie, putting it on vegetables, etc. Then the other tablespoon I take nine pills for (five at lunch, four at dinner). I'm hoping this will still be affective in the diet. If I only lose three pounds, I'll blame that...but I just can't stomach the flaxseed oil... it's so gross!

So now I'm weak and exhausted... time for bed...but wish me luck with this diet.. I am stubborn, so I'm going to get through the 11 more days. This weekend will be tough because I won't have work to keep me occupied... maybe Lifetime Movie Channel will keep me occupied. :) And I guess I should mow my lawn... blah.

Oh, and to reply to Beth's comment on the last post -- I really don't think that I gained my weight from alcohol. For seven years while I was in college and grad school I maintained the same weight... and I drank WAY more than I do now. I'd say I have heavy drinking maybe once or twice a month now, as compared to VERY frequently while I was in school....especially when I worked at the Tap Room. So, no, I don't think it's the alcohol that created the extra five or so pounds. I really think it has more to do with the fact that I work 8 to 5, so now I'm less active during the day. Sure I have my ballet and my elliptical, but I'm still sitting in meetings and sitting at my desk 8 hours a day, five days a week...and I think that's enough to slow anyone's metabolism down. I think if this diet can get rid of this extra 10 pounds, my exercise (and eating a little less crappy -- I'm not giving up beer) will help me maintain the weight. My sister has only gained back three pounds since she did the diet, and I don't think she's been that strict about what she eats, etc. So... we'll see. I'm just trying not to get my hopes up that I will lose a ton of weight in case I don't.

I also have another theory that I've built up more muscle over the past two years dancing at Columbia City Ballet. I danced all through college, but it wasn't intensive and I wasn't being pushed. Here, I'm taking advanced classes that have really pushed me back into the level I was in during high school. I bled through my pointe shoe two weeks ago if that tells you anything.... So... I also wonder if I've gotten some more muscle definition from the increased ballet training...... I'm not saying all of my weight gain is because of that....but it's a theory I have. :)

Ok, bed time. Comment.

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Anonymous said...

You are so cute, you write just like you talk:) Well if the diet works for you, maybe I'll give it a try. Mmmm, flax seed oil!!