Fat Flush Plan - Two weeks of hell for bathing suit weather!

Ok, so I know I'm not obese, or even 'fat' although I call myself that from time to time, but even size 0 girls call themselves fat. But I do know that I am no longer the weight that I maintained all through college...and through grad school... I stay in good shape with my advanced ballet classes that leave my feet covered in blisters (sexy) and one of the best investments I've ever made, my Precor elliptical -- that is not a clothes hanging item, but actually gets used on a frequent basis. So I'm in good shape. I've always been athletic (because of ballet) and have always weighed heavier because of my muscle.

Recently I made the mistake of buying a scale. I was prompted to do so after going to the doctor for a routine appointment and discovering I now weigh about five to six pounds heavier than the weight I've maintained for almost seven years. Bathing suit season looms... and despite my best efforts to eat healthier (I'm a beer and sweets coniseur), I have abuot five pounds of stubborn water weight that I just can't get rid of.

If you want to see for yourself, check out a picture of me from Easter two years ago:

Now check out a picture from this past weekend Easter. I'm obviously about five to ten pounds heavier, right? And it's not because of the darker hair:

Enter Fat Flush Plan.

About six months ago my sister ventured on a diet after reading a book by Ann Louise Gittleman titled Fat Flush Plan. She lost 14 pounds in two weeks!! And for those of you who know my sister, she doesn't even look like she has 14 pounds to lose. Two of her friends tried the diet as well (some of them even cheating) and lost about 10 pounds. So needless to say, I bought and read the book.

The diet is a two week diet where you basically (starve) eat organic foods, drink cranberry jucie (pee a lot), and take healthy vitamin stuff. To be more exact, here's what you have to consume on a daily basis for 14 days:
-2 tblsps flax oil (high lignan)
-2 eggs (omega-3 enriched)
-8oz protein
-unlimited veggies

-2 fruits (limited choices)
-8 8oz glass of cranwater
-2 LLCs (cranwater with ground flaxseeds)

- Plus multi-vitamin, GLA supplement, Magnesium, weight loss formula vitamin

So I bought the book and read it, bought the recipe book. And I spent about $250 dollars at Earthfare (organic food store), and this doesn't include the $100 I spent at Publix before my sister informed me that the fruit and vegatables you buy have to be organic. Sigh. So... I waited until yesterday to start because I needed two weeks of uneventfulness to do this diet so I could follow it right (and because of course no smoking or drinking).

I'm going to use my blog to 'journal' about my experience on this diet. I was too exhausted yesterday to write anything, but I'll create new entries for Day 1 (yesterday) and then later tonight I'll blog about today. It was encouraged in the book to 'journal' about the diet, but I don't 'journal', so I'll just write about my starvation and suffering here so you can all laugh at me, especially when I report in two weeks that I lost probably only three pounds. If that's the case, I'm going to go straight to Five Guys and order a large fry and a giant burger... maybe two burgers. Mmmm...burgers. :*(

If you're interested, here's the link to the book:

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Beth G said...

How much weight has your sister kept off? Did she continue to eat healthy after? Just curious.

Pierce's sister does the lemon cleanse every year...it's similar but with lemon, hot sauce & water.....just cleans you out.

Good Luck! Remember drinking adds the most calories/pounds.