Social Computing Guidelines - Company Comparison Table

As mentioned before in a previous post about Social Media Guidelines for employees, our company is developing our own set of guidelines for employees. We are in the midst of draft 2, and once complete we have plans to post the guidelines to our intranet to get employee feedback - and then hopefully we will post the guidelines on our external site to share with the world as IBM, Intel, Sun, etc. so generously have.

In the previous post I listed out multiple links to various examples of guidelines from large organizations. At first glance, it's a little overwhelming to read and benchmark each set of guidelines and gauge what may be right for our organization. My very intelligent manager took the time to put together a comparison table which highlights the major sections within most of the guidelines. She then took four of the larger companies (IBM, INTEL, Sun Microsystems, Cisco) and checked off which set of guidelines had which section of content. She also included at the end of the table a column to place our company's name in. The format allowed us to easily go down the list of sections, see which sections were included in each of the four companies' guidelines, and then check in our company's column whether or not we wanted to include the section ourselves.

I asked my manager if I could post it to my blog and share with the Web world since my last post on our guidelines has received a lot of hits. She was very humble about it and said I could but only with the mention that it is a very objective listing. I think it's a great, handy little tool for company's to use when developing out their guidelines.

Social Computing Guidelines – Company Comparison*
Created by Therese Griffin, Mgr. Corporate Communications & Philanthropy at SCANA Corp.

*I've uploaded the document to a service called Yudu because I wasn't sure how else to share it. My company apparently blocks most of the other free file sharing services. Comment and let me know if you don't have access to the link above...it should be a public link.

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