My New Year's Resolutions

I haven't updated my site in almost a month. The holidays were full of travel and I never had anything to write about. So I decided that it's about time to update and what better post to start the new year with than a post on my New Year's resolutions. I have a lot... but I'm not sure they will all come to mind right now, so this post might be a work in progress.

My New Year's Resolutions for 2009
  1. Lose 8 pounds, because 8 is my lucky number and me minus 8 pounds would be nice
  2. Quit smoking - I'm not a smoker, but I smoke...especially when alcohol is involved. None of my friends smoke anymore and none of the bars allow smoking. So unless I want to continue to be the reject who has to go outside and smoke, I need to quit.
  3. Start to let go of a lot of anger I hold onto for things that happened in the past - high school, college, grad school -- lots to let go of
  4. Pray more
  5. Get to bed earlier
  6. Get to work earlier
  7. Try not to let work stress me out, at the end of the day it's just a job
  8. Buy less clothes and wear more of the clothes I have
  9. Take more time to read more books
  10. Make more time for Mii -- on my Wii
  11. Get back into painting
  12. Work on my flexibility so my ponche stretch is 180 degrees like all the 16 and 17 yr. olds in my ballet class
  13. Come to terms with the fact that I'm not 16 or 17 anymore, so I can't expect my 27 yr old self to dance ballet like I did when I was 17 (but I sure as hell can keep trying)
  14. Take care of my house: sod my yards, fix up my bathrooms, fix my deck, and other landscaping to my yards
  15. Be more cautious about my finances, save more
  16. Work on hiding my frustrations when people get on my nerves
  17. Work on calming down my road rage
  18. Re-learn German with Bradley
  19. Do more active things on the weekends, less laying around
  20. Be better about staying in touch with family and friends -- force myself to talk on the phone, even though I avoid it
  21. Grow my hair out as long as I can get it, and when it fails because it's too thin (like it always does) invest in extensions - the Jessica Simpson affordable ones
  22. Try not to care so much about what other people think and at the same time try not to take things so personally
  23. In addition to resolution 3, stop asking Bradley if we are ok and stop constantly seeking validation -- leave the poor boy alone and let him love me
  24. Wash my car more - inside and out. It's seriously deprived.
  25. Spend as many weekends as possible in the summer in Charleston, on the beach.
  26. Get a puppy - a mutt with a little Chow in her

  27. Play the lottery.
  28. Work on my back posture, especially when sitting at my desk at work. I'm thinking of bringing in a balance ball...seriously.

  29. Find more resolutions...
Yes, I know that's a lot... but it's a new year and I'm ready for it.

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