Christy as a brunette? Should I pull a Cameron Diaz? a Mandy Moore?

So, over the past six months I've been experimenting by adding low lights to my usual highlights. Well, each time I go in to get my hair done, I always ask to go a little darker...just to see. Well I have a hair appointment next week, and I want something different... very different... I don't think I'm ready to do anything crazy with the cut yet... I actually think I'm growing my hair out (again). However, I've got this weird bug.... maybe I should go darker...as in almost brunette... I want to have all over dark low lights, and then a few of my highlights around my face. What do you think? Tell me if you think I should go for it... I thought it would be good for just a few months... I definitely want to go back to my normal blonde by Memorial Day, because during the summer the sun turns me blonde anyways, and if I was dark then, it would just fade it and turn it blonde anyways... so I'd like to go dark until May.... thoughts?

And because I'm a complete computer nerd... I've photoshopped myself with Cameron Diaz's hair, and then with Ashley Simpson's hair..... that's the color I'm thinking..... Well???


Ashley said...

Wow...that's crazy! I say go for it. It's just a color, and if you hate it then it will be much easier to fix then a drastic cut. However, I'm sure you'll be able to pull it off fabulously! I think I like the Cameron look the best though.

Anonymous said...

I like the second pic and of course I would like the brunnette hair- now you can't get mad when I call you a brunette. You have work meredith's vote for the second pic too and she thinks your eyes would look good with darker hair. that's 2 votes:)

Anonymous said...

Personally I like the first picture.

But I have a question. Why in the heck is your neck a different color than your face in the second picture?!?! HA HA!!!

Love and miss ya!