Red Hair?

So today was the day I got the toner done to my hair. It was weird getting this goo all over my head instead of highlights. It took about an hour, but they rinsed me and yes my hair was darker... a lot darker. I liked it though.

It's a solid looking color right now, but they didn't shampoo it. They said that over the next couple of days when I shampoo my hair, it will fade to the right color, and my highlights will show through. Right now it almost looks like a dark, auburn red. It's weird.

I am going to watch it over the next couple of days and make sure it fades to a brown. I don't think I like myself as a red head. I never wanted any red, but I guess blonde + brown = red? Time will tell... I might be in the salon again next week to keep trying to get brown.

Hopefully going back to blonde this summer won't be as tricky...

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