Brown hair and Valentine's Day

So I know a few of you have been emailing me and asking me about my newly dyed hair. Well, it's pretty cool so far. I went through with it. Thursday I went in to the salon, and had a 20 minute discussion with my hairdresser about what I needed to do to go brunette (or the shade of brunette I wanted). Basically, because I am a natural blonde (some of you have doubted, but yes, it's true) I can only go darker in two steps. I have always gotten highlights to my blonde hair, and recently some low lights. But this isn't an all over color, so my natural blonde is still pretty heavily prevelant in my hair. Because I have natural blonde, it doesn't always absorb the darker dye the way it's supposed to. I couldn't do an all over coloring of brown, because it wouldn't look right and my blonde wouldn't absorb the color evenly. So we decided to do a really dark low light all over my head, with a few golden highlights around my bangs.

I really like the results. It's a little coppery looking, and I could go a shade or two darker. However, it's the 'different' I was looking for, and I like it so far. It's cool to see how my make up looks different now with darker hair, and my eyes seem to really stand out a lot more. It's a very caramel, almost reddish looking color. I also got a very minimal, inverted bob... it's stacked in the back and longer in the front. you can't tell unless you really look, but I really like it.

However, going dark when you're really a blonde is a two step process. I'm going back to the salon next week to get an all over toner to make my hair a shade or two darker, and to really make the color look 'richer' which will make it shinier and more natural looking. I'm ready for that. I like the color as is, but it's a little dull and ashey because my blonde is so prevalent still. I don't have pictures yet of this in between stage, but I think I'll take some before I get the toner to show a before, middle, and after picture side by side. So Thursday of this week will be the final 'brunette' version of me. I'm also thinking of asking my hairdresser to stack my hair a little bit more so the inverted bob is a little more obvious. We'll see.

And can someone comment and tell me what the proper amount for tipping hairdresser's is? I think I'm undertipping... but I really have no idea what amount I'm supposed to tip!

Valentine's Day!!
So Valentine's Day was awesome...of course. Bradley surprised me at work by showing up with roses. He tricked me and made me think he was still at work, but he was really downstairs at our main floor. He called me and made up some story about a delivery for me and that I needed to go down to the front desk. So of course I go down and he's standing there with roses waiting for me.

After work, I went home and showered and got ready. We exchanged gifts... I got him Turok, some X-box game that he was super excited about (he's been playing all night). He got me a dream book... I mentioned the other day that I have random weird dreams all the time and I always want to know what they mean. So he bought me a book that explains dreams... pretty cool. Next, he took me to Yamato, a Japanese steakhouse! We had a reservation... it was so good... drank some wine and had some good food. Afterwards... Bradley got me a Sonic Blast, because I always crave them and want them, and he never lets me have them. :) So he went and bought me one. Yay! So 1000 pounds later... we make it home and pass out.

We woke up late this morning and drove to Birmingham...where we are now.

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Beth G said...

um where are the pic's and the proper amount is at least 20%!...if they give you a really good head &/or neck massage then...extra! :)