So I've been having issues with Internet Explorer. It will randomly freeze, sometimes to the point where I have to reboot my computer. I'd be right in the middle of something and the IE error would show up and everything would close. I was losing my mind. So... I've had Mozilla on my computer, but just never thought to use it. After Googling the IE error I was getting, most of what I saw is, "The new IE 7 is crap, get rid of it and start using Mozilla...it's free."

So I started trying it out... and I love it! It works so much faster than IE... it's such a different experience. If you're annoyed with IE, I would seriously try out Mozilla... you can download it off the FireFox Web site. Try it!


Anonymous said...

I use mozilla and like it a lot better than ie as well.

Beth G said...

I have been using it for some time...I do notice that it does not like it when I upload pic's to facebook for some reason...so I have to use ie for somethings still.