My mini-me! Computer Engineering Barbie!

Finally...a Barbie I can relate to. And while I probably wouldn't opt for a pink laptop or pink glasses (I'd probably pick green or blue), I love how they kept the classic Barbie look when creating this doll. I think I help prove that you can be blonde, feminine, AND a computer nerd all at the same time... I just wish I had Barbie's body to go along with all of that.. well, I did walk around on my toes a lot in my lifetime, so... :)

I will definitely be buying this Barbie! I hope that they plan to make all of the different ethnicity friends of Barbie as Computer Engineers as well, so the other four ladies who graduated with me can have a mini-me too.

Visit the official Barbie.com. I was disappointed to see that the 'girls' vote was for a news anchor. Snooze.

Read Mashable's article "Why Computer Engineer Barbie Is Good for Women in Tech."

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