Columbia Tea Party

So I went to the Columbia Tea Party at the State House on Wednesday. I wasn't planning on going, but I got curious and walked down there after lunch. I'm really glad I went. As I was walking down Main St., I could see the crowd of people and hear the cheers. It made me lose my breath a little. When I got there and immersed myself in the crowd, it felt really good to be there and be a part of an event I knew was happening all over the state, and all over the country. I took some pictures of some of the funnier signs, and I posted a video to my YouTube channel - as of two minutes ago I had 254 views.

Tonight I was watching random clippings of what CNN, MSNBC, NBC news, etc. were reporting about the Tea Parties. Most of them were calling them right wing extremism and pro-Rebulican, anti-Obama rallies. It's so frustrating, because it wasn't like that at all. It was people from all walks of life and races protesting government spending and the spendulous bills. It really upset me when the White House acted like they didn't even know they were going on that they had just heard about them on the 15th. Yeah right! How is thousands and thousands of people all across the nation in hundreds of cities getting together to protest something not news? or not important? It just shows you how arrogant our government is.

But just to show you that even CNN is falling into the biast reporting, check out this video. You have to watch the entire thing... the first half is what was shown on CNN, and the second half is what wasn't shown on CNN - what really happened. I think it's scary that our news is being filtered to support the station's agenda.

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Lori G. said...

Hey Christy- I watched the video and I think it was pretty entertaining. I don't think it's scary...heck, I don't even think it's eye-opening. We all know that the media is bias...Fox is right-wing, CNN is pro-Democrat, etc.. I think people just need to be smart about what they see and hear. Hopefully, people realize what they see isn't the whole picture. Maybe I'm giving "people" too much credit, but they're going to think what want to think anyhow... the media's only giving them a little push in the right or wrong direction. :)