Gwen vs. Madonna

Ok, so I know that Gwen is major inspired by Madonna... I know this. But... I recently bought the new Madonna CD, and her songs sound eerily similar to existing Gwen songs. Call me crazy, but it's a little obvious to me... For example, in '4 minutes' Madonna goes "Tic-toc, tic-toc..". Hmmm, very reminiscent of 'What you waiting for'.

Hey look, I'm right! Google "Madonna's new cd copies Gwen" and you'll find tons of reviews that say the same thing I am! Like LiveDaily's Monica Cady:
"Instead of being a leader, Madonna seems more like a follower on "Candy Shop," chasing what has become Gwen Stefani's signature sound, for the most part. Stefani already did the sugar-themed album in 2006 with "Sweet Escape." Madonna even borrows the "tick tock," whistle and marching band samples that Stefani made central forces in her 2004 debut, "Love. Angel. Music. Baby." "Hard Candy" proves the adage "what goes around comes around." Madonna may have paved the way for her peers, but now she is fighting to stay on the path."


Ok, so I like the new Madonna CD, and I've been listening to it at work, but today, this one song (track #5 - Miles Away) the beginning sounds just like a Gwen song... I finally took off my headphones, started humming the beat, and I figured out the Gwen song...looked it up on YouTube, and yes, it sounds so simliar! See for yourself below....just the first lyrics of both of the songs until the chorus.

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